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Using this page, you can make a personal donation, or donate on behalf of your group.

Under the World Service Model it is suggested that after all group expenses are met (rent, refreshments etc) contributions be made on the 60: 30: 10 plan, that is for example although not limited to:

60% to the Group’s local Central Service Office
30% to AA National Office and
10% to the Area or District (National Committee structure)



Please fill in the form below. After you click “Send”, you will be taken to our PayPal site to make the actual payment. Thanks!

If you have previously set up a recurring donation, and you wish to cancel, you can do so here.

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If you wish to make the payments via bank transfer, you’ll need to do that via your own online banking site. Here are the account numbers to use.

The form below these can help you work out the exact amounts you need.

60% to CSO

Central Service Office

Brisbane CSO

PO Box 299,

Annerley DC 4103

BSB 034-086 a/c 117132


30% to GSO

General Service Office

General Service Board of AA

48 Firth St,

Arncliffe, NSW 2205

BSB 012-006 A/c 009750529

10% to your area


Area A – North of Rockhampton

PO Box 60,

Hyde Park Castletown, Qld, 4812

BSB 034-195 a/c 278090

Area B – North of Brisbane River to Rockhampton

PO Box 448

Pomona, Qld,4568

BSB 064-416 a/c 10366548

Area C – South of Brisbane River to Border

PO Box 131

Stones Corner, Qld, 4120

BSB 124-010 a/c 10186401