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Documents outlining AA structure and service work:

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Would you like to answer calls on the AA helpline (12 step phone)?  When an alcoholic rings, you share your story, encourage them to get to a meeting and if required, connect them with another member in their area.  You are given a Kit and a contact list.  You will only be asked to do a shift about once every 6 weeks.

  • – At the CSO, Monday – Friday, 10-2 or 2-6pm – Answering the phone at the Central Service Office at Annerley (Requires 6 months sobriety)
  • – From home, 6pm-10pm and weekends – Helpline is diverted to your own phone. (Requires 12 months sobriety)
  • – Helpline Sub-Committee – Attend monthly meeting & divert Helpline nightly & on weekends for a fortnight every 2 months. (2 years sobriety)

Leave us your details, and the helpline coordinator will be in touch. Thank you!

You can also read the Guidelines on AA Answering Services.


Answer phone at CSOAnswer phone at homeHelpline sub-committee

Availability - Please give us a general idea of when you are available.

Answering phone at the Central Service Office:

Answering the phone from home:


Sign up as a contact person for your group – a Helpline volunteer may call you with the number of an alcoholic in your area. You talk with them and possibly assist them get to a meeting. (requires 12 months sobriety)

Please note that 12th Step calls to physically meet with member should always be done in pairs for protection.

Update your details: If you are already on the contact list, and need to change your details, please re-enter them here and check “Update”.

ANONYMITY ISSUES: Please note that adding your name here means that your contact details will be available on the Contact List, which can ONLY be viewed by people with special Helpline Volunteer accounts, created specially for them. If you have concerns about this, please contact us and we will try to work out a solution.

Suburbs close to you where you are prepared to do 12th Step calls.

Availability or Restrictions
e.g. not during business hours; only on weekends; have own transport

Languages Other than English

Are you a new volunteer, or an existing one updating their details?
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There are many different ways to help out. For more information, click on the various links below.

  • Pathfinder sub-committee
    • Your Pathfinder Sub-Committee – Attend monthly meetings and perform one of the operational tasks in the production of Your Pathfinder magazine. (12 months sobriety)
    • for more information, contact the PathFinder editor
  • Speakers at Schools (Public Information)
    • Share your story with a group of High School students. You will be with at least one other AA member. (requires 6 months sobriety)
    •  Speaking_at_Schools (pdf)

Pathfinder sub-committeeSpeaker at schoolsCorrectional CentresTreatment facilities

Position Sobriety Position Description Term
CSO Reps – Central Service Office Representatives One year Represents group at meetings of Central Service Office [CSO]. May be a member of CSO working committees, e.g. PI / CPC, Treatment Facilities, etc. Reports to group on CSO affairs. Two years
Office Manager / Secretary Two years A paid, full or part time employee and is the Secretary to the Committee and the Incorporation. No set time
Steering Committee Members: Two years Attend SC meetings on 1st Monday of each month at CSO at 7pm & CSO Reps meeting every 3 months. Send apology & report if unable to attend. Become familiar with the relevant Traditions, Concepts & Guidelines. Two years
Chairperson Two years Chair monthly SC meetings & be available to chair CSO Reps meetings.
Be available to OM to answer non-routine inquiries & co-sign cheques.
Two years
Treasurer Two years Liaise with OM to ensure appropriate accounting practices are maintained
Make any necessary non-routine monthly entries to MYOB such as accrual provisions.
Prepare Annual Budget & report on Performance against Budget monthly.
Prepare Monthly Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss to report to each SC & CSO Reps meeting.
Monitor CSO financial performance eg. Liquidity / ability to meet financial obligations
Liaise with Auditor in preparing annual report.
Answer non-routine financial inquiries.
Two years
Sub-committee Chairpersons: Two years Attend & chair sub-committee meetings & give a written report to SC & CSO Reps of their activities.
Become familiar with the relevant Guidelines relating to your Sub-committee, & advise SC on policy.
Develop / co-ordinate / organise / present any useful workshops on their sub-committee area.
Recruit a replacement for your sub-committee position & be available for handover.
Two years
Treatment Facilities Two years To keep a record of Treatment facilities
To assist the Groups who Sponsor the various facilities with information and guidelines.
To be available if there are any facilities not visited by AA, to assist in finding a Group to Sponsor them
Two years
Helpline Chair/Supportlink Two years Develop & maintain the 12-Step Phone Roster (contact members re availability & update contact details), & develop roster schedule & distribute to volunteers & sub-committee diverters.
Co-ordinate Phone Committee roster of members to do daily diversion of 12-Step phone.
Develop & maintain the Contact List for members willing to do 12-Step follow-up.
To arrange for volunteers to attend to the Supportlink referrals and keep them up to date
Two years
YP Chair Two years Chair monthly meetings.
Liaise with steering committee & represent YP at relevant AA meetings (e.g. CSO Reps meetings).
Field non-routine inquiries / complaints re editorial content / other YP issues.
Two years
Schools/CPC Chair Two years Prepare & mail out to Schools (& other institutions) inviting them to receive AA speakers.
Maintain roster of available AA speakers for Schools & other occasions.
Co-ordinate dates, times & speakers with responses to mail-out (+ any other requests).
Two years
Public Information Chair Two years Respond to PI inquiries passed on from OM
Co-ordinate speakers for radio interviews.
Liaise with Area / District PI/CPC, to ensure co-operation & prevent duplication / omission.
Two years
TF Chair Two years Liaise with Groups to maintain list of group activities & meetings in TF.
Liaise with TF to determine current activities & identify needs & advertise these to groups.
Answer TF inquiries from Groups / TF.
Develop sub-committee / roster of available members / groups to do TF 12-Step work.
Liaise with any Area / District TF work.
Two years
7th Tradition Two years Organise Fund-raising activities through organising sub-committees.
Liaise with Groups / District / Area in regards to staging such events.
Two years
Area Liaison Two years To attend as many Area Assemblies as possible and report on the functions and activities of the CSO
To report back to the CSO of any misunderstandings of the General Service Arm of service
Two years
Office Maintenance Two years To maintain the CSO Office and make suggestions for its upkeep
To ensure that the required amount (BCC Lease) is spent in any financial year.
That the Pest Control and Electrical Certification is met
Two years
Archives Two years Electronically to catalogue and appropriately archive such materials as are deemed necessary 1. to illuminate the history of the CSO and its registered groups and 2. to provide assistance to those interested in exploring the archive. ?
Communications Two years Develop and maintain the website ?
Sub-Committee Members:
Helpline Co-ordinator 2 years Attend Helpline committee meetings
Divert helpline when rostered for 2 weeks each night & weekend mornings & afternoons.
Assist Helpline Chair & OM with maintaining volunteer roster & replacing Vacancies
Two Years
YP Editor 2 years Receive articles, stories, letters, events, meeting changes, humour, etc.
Securely maintain collection of YP info, including ‘filler’ material. Securely back-up all computer files.
Select content for month, insert into MS Word document & format content (headings, fonts etc.)
Present suggested content for upcoming issue to committee for approval.
Send draft to CSO for insertion of Meetings List.
Final edit of the magazine (approved by committee).
Send MS Word file to the printer.
Receive and respond to phone messages, faxes & e-mails, re-route to the relevant person.


YP Treasurer 2 years Keep the accounts: collect dockets, bills, and receipts etc. & record info in MYOB.
Print the bills & reminders for overdue subscriptions, forward to Distribution Officer.
Write the receipts & cheques e.g. Postage, Printing, Phone. Arrange approval & signing.
Prepare annual budget for Your Pathfinder, including expected sales & cost of production.
Liaise with CSO Committee regarding finances.
Prepare end-of-year financial statement for CSO audit.
Maintain list of subscribers including: name, address, number copies, renewal / paid-up date.
Report to committee, # of subscribers, list of arrears, follow-up, and cancellations.
Collect mail from PO Box & distribute to relevant committee member.
2 years
YP Secretary 1 Year Co-ordinate & minute monthly meetings.
Write up minutes, incorporating committee reports.
Distribute minutes & agenda to committee members before next meeting.
2 years
YP Promotions 1 Year Maintain YP promotional material including subscription forms, signs, sample packs, and recent YP magazines. Keep supply of current YP to take to meetings.
Arrange beforehand with function organisers for permission to have YP table at event.
Where possible and convenient, attend AA meetings, weekends, conventions and other functions.
Manage / roster YP table to sell magazines, etc. Collect payments securely and forward to Treasurer with record of sales.
Develop and implement approved strategies for promoting YP & increasing subscriptions.
2 years
YP Envelopes 1 Year Receive MYOB customer card file from Treasurer.
Convert MYOB card file to MS Excel spreadsheet and create Envelope MS Word file.
Print Envelopes.
Deliver envelopes to Distribution officer.
2 years
YP Distribution 1 Year Pick up magazines from Printer.
Insert the bills, receipts and fliers into YP magazines.
Insert YP magazines in envelopes, taking care with quantity (1 or 2).
Complete Print Post Form.
Deliver & lodge envelopes & print post form at Post Office & pay postage.
2 years
YP Webmaster 1 Year Maintain website including up-to-date meetings list, contact details and relevant links. 2 years
PI Co-ordinator 2 Years Assist PI Chair to organise speakers for schools
TF Roster Co-ordinator 1 Year Usually done by Groups
Other CSO Volunteers:
Helpline Volunteer at CSO 6 months Answer Helpline for a 4-hour shift each week either 10am to 2pm or 2pm to 6pm. N/A
Helpline Volunteer from Home 1 Year Answer Helpline once every six weeks when rostered from their home either 6pm to 10pm weeknights, or 10am-4pm / 4pm to 10pm weekends. N/A
Helpline Contact List 1 Year Be available to take 12 step calls from helpline; speak to a caller & if possible assist them to get to a meeting in their area. N/A
YP Helpers Assist stuffing envelopes, mailing, promoting, & selling YP. N/A
PI / CPC Speaker for Schools 1 Year (6 months if with a 5 year+) Be available to speak at schools, universities & other institutions. N/A
TF Visitor / Speaker 1 Year (HADS) N/A